Summer – Season of the Fire Element 



Summer – the the season of walks on the beach, outdoor living, fresh local fruits and vegetables and the fire element. The heart, small intestine, and blood vessels are the organs that are dominant at this time of year. Also associated with the fire element are the tongue, gums and blood.

Health (homeostasis) is balance. Imbalance can lead to disease. An excess of fire may manifest as: a red face; high blood pressure; chronic inflammation; intestinal problems; heart disease; atherosclerosis. A deficiency may appear as: poor circulation; pale face; emotional coldness; poor assimilation.

Western medicine now acknowledges the connection between atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation, periodontal disease and heart disease. Keeping the gums healthy is paramount for heart health. Vitamin C is most helpful for the gums – look for a complete C that contains bioflavinoids.

Our body contains over 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Our blood carries oxygen to the trillions of cells that are “us” and brings carbon dioxide and waste materials away from the cells. Keeping these vessels healthy is paramount to health. Regular exercise, fiber, fish/ flaxseed/coconut oil, complex carbohydrates (fruit and vegetables), nuts and seeds are most helpful to the blood vessels.

This is the optimal time of year to take care of the small intestine. Eliminate foods that are the most aggravating to the gut lining – wheat and cow dairy. Eat lots of fresh, locally grown berries, fruits and vegetables. It is best to eat organic – especially celery, strawberries, domestic blueberries, apples, peaches and cherries. A more complete list is at:

Late summer – between summer’s heat and the fall’s coolness – is the season of the Earth element and the stomach, pancreas, spleen and muscles. This is the time to continue benefiting from all that summer has to offer while preparing our upper digestive organs for fall.