Please find enclosed questionnaires for you to fill out before seeing me. I appreciate the time that you will spend in doing this. We are all truly unique and these forms will help to give me insight into “who” you are. There may be questions that are duplicated – and this may frustrate you. Smile and answer as best you can. I have been practicing for over 18 years and these are the forms that I have discovered that give me the best information.

I have many “tools” in my toolbox. On your first visit we will use several of them in order to get baseline readings. These readings will tell us how close to the ‘norm” that you are and give us an indication of how much “work” will be involved in getting you to your goal.

In essence our body is an electro-magnetic flow system! Hence medicine is able to look inside with machines like MRI, EEG, CAT scans etc. We will use different tools to make our assessment.

Think of your body like a canoe with 3 compartments. The blood is in the middle compartment so that the canoe stays balanced. That is why I see many clients who feel unwell but have normal lab values. We will be looking at the saliva (what you are storing) and the urine (what you are eliminating) and assessing your mineralization oxygenation and acid/alkaline balance. We also assess some other parameters on these fluids. This is called Flow System Analysis (or Biological Terrain Assessment).

We will also be looking at your blood using a specialized microscope called a Dark Field Microscope. This will give us a look at how your cells are “working”. This is the part of the session that you will likely remember the best.

We may use some bioenergetics tools as well: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to assess the nervous system; Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) to look at the flow of energy through your body with the assistance of an instrument called the AVATAR.

Please note that the office is FRAGRANCE-FREE. Please do not wear perfume on the day of your appointment as many clients are sensitive. Also please turn your cell phone off while in the office.

Disease prevention is only possible by being proactive. These assessments will be a huge gift to you in that regard. I look forward to meeting you and being part of your health journey