Fall – Season of the Metal Element



Long before “modern medicine” native peoples on this planet focused on balancing the natural healing energies in the whole body (body, mind, emotion, spirit) – they knew that an imbalance in any of the areas would result in an illness. The Chinese culture worked with the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The Five Element Theory holds that the earth and it’s creatures are composed of the same energies that turn the wheel of the seasons. The seasons shape human nature and energies of the seasons nurture and sustain us in different ways. Fall is the season of the Metal element.

The organs in the Metal element are the lungs, large intestine. These organs govern the skin.

Oxygen enters the lungs, is picked up by the red blood cells which carry it through the blood stream to every cell in the body. Cells need oxygen to perform to their full potential.

The large intestine (with the help of the billions of bacteria that live there) absorbs water and minerals from the remnants of food which has been digested in the small intestine.

Our skin helps us adapt to changes in temperature in the environment, shields us from external organisms and helps to convert the UV rays from sunlight into vitamin D.

If we have an imbalance in lung energy we may be more prone to eczema. Imbalance in the bacteria in the gut may show up as acne, boils, redness, psoriasis or eczema. Dry skin may be linked to a deficiency in essential fatty acids.

Fall is an ideal time to: restore depleted minerals; do dry skin brushing and hot/cold showers;eliminate bowel toxins (including parasites and yeast); start a sauna detoxification program; enhance immunity before the winter flu season. A healthy body has it’s own innate defense system against virus’.