Jan had her initial training as a Medical Laboratory Technologist.  Her greatest areas of interest were in Hematology (the study of blood) and Blood Banking. She spent many years working in the Hamilton-Oakville area of Ontario. She was the first medical laboratory technologist hired at McMaster University Medical Centre. After helping to establish the routine Hematology laboratory she spent several years doing research in Pediatric Hematology. Several of the research projects that she was a part of have been published in peer reviewed journals and Pediatric Hematology textbooks.

For the past 18 years she has been exploring areas of health and wellness that are not part of the routine medical establishment in North America. Jan was the first Canadian to complete the first North American course in European Biological Medicine. These 8 courses were under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland and were offered under the auspices of the Marion Foundation of Marion Massachusetts.

Jan-PalkoIn 2005 Jan had a 2 week internship with Dr. Byran Braid, MD at Paracelsus. As a result of studying with Dr. Rau, Jan found herself led into a whole new field of Wholistic (body, mind, spirit) Health. Jan is a IKC (International Kinesiolgy College) certified Touch for Health practitioner and is registered with the Canadian Association of Applied Kinesiology (CANASK).

In 2014 Jan was a member of the first formal Canadian class in Bioregulatory Medicine. This year long, intensive post-graduate level course culminated with Jan completing the requirements for a Diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine.

Jan has an inquisitive nature. This was evident at an early age when her favourite book was a Canadian book of Patents. She likes to know how and why things work or don’t. This continues to lead her to study with various professionals who look at things “differently”. She happily spends her time researching, learning and keeping up with leading edge research in the natural health field.

She has a thriving practice and helps many people – young and not so young – with their individual health challenges. Jan’s clients come from a distance to see and work with her. She also has a local following. Her belief is that we are each unique – we may have similar symptoms but each of us has our own hereditary background and life experiences. Jan works with the person who has a disorder rather than working with the disorder on it’s own. Each of her clients hold a special place in her heart. She has a passion for teaching those who come to her to help them understand their own particular “self”. She guides and encourages her clients. She helps them to become advocates for themselves.

In her practice Jan uses many diverse “tools”: Biological Terrain assessment; darkfield (live blood) microscopy; NerveExpress Heart Rate Variabilty; ElectroDermal screening (Voll); muscle testing; flower essences; PSE testing and remedies; homeopathy; herbals; orthomolecular medicine; Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field technology.

Jan has a warm presence and strength that provides a safe place for clients to share and explore.

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